He did not specify the measures to be slaughtered animals

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Ariful Islam,
Staff Correspondent:

Ajahaya holy Eid-ul-Azha slaughter of animals in certain places and strict action will be taken if the local government secretary Abdul Malek said.

The Secretariat of the Local Government Minister, Eid sacrificial animal waste management, “he said prior to the meeting at the antamantranalaya.

He did not slaughter the sacrificial animals on Eid ajahaya specific place, the law will be fined GEL. In this regard, the country’s 323 municipalities and 11 city corporation had been asked, he said.

Secretary of the field closest to the school, college or office, gathered in front of the empty place of the sacrificial animals be slaughtered. The waste collection facility. It would be the allocation of meat of sacrificial animals.

He also said, we have rnidesana all districts. Each of the sacrifice of animals in certain places in the area that we have to define the space.