Urged the United Nations to establish global peace initiative

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jatisongho_182Shahadat Hossain Rakib,
Staff Correspondent:

The 70th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima, said speakers at the meeting, human join forces to defeat the atomic bomake. Jatisanghakei establishing peace will be accepted.
Speakers at a discussion held today at the National Press Club on Thursday said. Bangladesh Peace Council organized the discussion.
Association President Muzaffar Hussain spoke at the meeting chaired by the eminent journalist Kamal Lohani Paltu, Liberation War Museum Dr. Sarwar Ali, member of the Presidium of the Communist Party, Haider Akbar Khan Rono, Bangladesh University of Engineering and nuclear scientist Dr. Ali Asgar, MA Kasem Peace Council, Member of Parliament of Nazmul Haque were also present.
Kamal Lohani the Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a lot of discussion. But can not contribute to establishing peace in. Are shy to talk about his country’s peace. Jatisanghakei world peace will be accepted. He said that the United Nations should monitor the development of nuclear weapons.
Dr. Sarwar Ali, Japan and the United States to build nuclear weapons after the bombing of Iran, there is a trend. Thamano either destroy humanity if we do not develop nuclear weapons is inevitable. Mean little if weapons were used in the health sector in developing countries is much larger applications would benefit humanity.
Paltu Muzaffar Hussain said the United States has a policy of democracy and the world to spread their adhipatta. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to death has triggered violence instead of peace. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Peace Council has been weakened. He urged everyone to unite the peace.